Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What have you done for me lately?

So it's Tuesday and I still haven't posted anything over here.....sorry.

One of my many reasons is that I don't have my camera cord to download pictures to the computer. So all the pictures I have are taken with my phone. Which doesn't take bad pictures but it's still not the same.

Good news I did finish my MIL's shawl in time for her visit in February. No pictures of that though. Even my phone was acting up then. I will ask her to take one and send it to me. It came out pretty cute if i say so myself. I might just make myself one for wrapping up in around the house.
I did make my first purse a little while back.I used Patton's "pooch" in black. It knits up so fast and fluffy that I knew it would be perfect for a purse. Plus I got in on sale at you know where....my favorite store.

I have been knitting washcloths like crazy. The yarn is cheap, the project is very portable and they are very practical. Even the Husband likes his....I made him some in black and gold, very manly colors. I checked out a book of stitches and used the washcloths to practice them on. That way, if the stitch was too hard or just a pain in the ass I wouldn't have to do it for to long. So here is the first of several pictures I will be posting over the next few days. Thanks for being soooo very patient.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Chocolate Ribs Hat

Dave Beanie

made this for my sister;s boyfriend for Christmas and just blogged it here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a Girl

So my sister has had her baby and we finally know it's a Girl! yay! So I immediately knitted her up a few girly things and she is only a couple weeks old. Of course before she was born I knitted her a nice gender neutral Big Bad Baby blankie from Stitch and Bitch. I used blue sky alpacas organic cotton in the color sand.

Next I used the  left overs to knit the baby bolero from  the book One Skein for her. This was a fun project because I learned and  practiced some new skills. My first set in sleeves ever! Practiced and I think perfected the mattress stitch. And now I feel ready to tackle a bigger sweater. It all wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Of course all babies must get the One Peice Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting.

And a matching hat

I also made the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road booties with the same yarn but they fall off right now because her ankles are a lot smaller than the pattern has you make them. So I improved on them for some shoes to match her easter dress. I left off the T strap and used a ribbon to tie them on like little mary janes everyone at Easter Lunch thought they were soooo cute.

I haven't gotten so many comments and favorites for a picture on flickr on something in a really long time, but for some reason I have gotten no response on Ravelry... Interesting. Maybe because it's such a bad picture.

My sister took the pictures of the baby with her nice camera, I took the pictures of the shoes with a video camera so getting the lighting right is hard.
Camera news! If you have been reading the blog you may have noticed me mention my camera being broken and my struggle with getting it fixed. Well my husband with his powers of persuasion finally got Sears to pay to have the camera fixed because we paid for and extended warranty and they were trying to claim the repair wasn't covered but it is now! So woohoo. When I checked the Nikon website last night it said the camera was in the shop so it should ship to me soon. Silly repair just the little latch to hold the battery in broke off! $109.oo bucks to fix it! Ridiculous! Oh well it's on Sears's book now. I can't wait to get my camera back I love love love my camera it is a wonderful and magical camera!
So long for now. More knitting to come. I've been a busy little knitting bee.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

It's not Easter without a Peep!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Alligator Scarf

Just finished the Morehouse Farms Baby Alligator Scarf. It's going to a toddler so I switched out the 100% wool yarn for Lion Brand's Wool-Ease so it can be machine washed. I started on 6s for the head, but found it a bit tight so switched to 7s. Quick, easy and cute!

I'm not too thrilled with Morehouse Farms. You have to buy the kit to get the pattern (and I didn't use the yarn) and the only send the pattern for the kit you buy (child or adult). Now, I can figure out how to make it bigger, but give me a break. I wish they'd just print them both and send them. $17 for a pattern and yarn is a bit steep, if you ask me. I love their stuff and would've definitely done business with them again if I didn't feel like they were nickel and diming me.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sinknitty's Jaywalker

Made my first pair of jaywalkers. If you want to knit socks and like a simple pattern this one works out very well. I made some changes to the way the gusset decreases are done to tidy it up a bi and it turned out really well. Details are on my blog Sinknitty and now the pic!


Also can find these in my Ravelry finished projects. ;) Ravelry Sinknitty

Friday, December 28, 2007

Big Monster's New Hat

I haven't shared any knitting in a while and since I have a few minutes to myself I thought I'd show off my new design. My son's new Chunky Ribby Beanie. The decreases are done in a way to keep the integrity of the rib all the way to the top. Turned out very nice. I hade it from Knitpicks Wool of the andes bulky in the flyfishing colorway.

Chunky Ribby Hat

Chunky Ribby Hat (1)

I am now working on a smaller one for the little monster and the colors are pooling in a swirlin pattern. Very interesting. :) I'll share photos of that one when I am done.

Hope everyone had a wonderfull holiday season and have a safe and happy new year.