Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Baby Kimono and Ravelry

Hi there everyone! Here is a pic of my finished Mason Dixon one peice baby kimono. I made it with Lion Brand Cotton Ease. A little splitty but washes and dryes very nicely and very soft for cotton. The second picture is of the package I sent out to my husband's cousin for his daughter. It includes another kimberly chapman caterpillar, the kimono, a purple cotton chenille flower shaped washcloth, 3 pairs of trumpette socks they are the best baby socks in the whole world, only ones that ever stayed on my son, some black baby legs with silver stars. We love baby legs too! And they do have manly colors my son look very cute in his. We use them for everything, arm wamers, second layers, and when he was crawling knee protectors. And a pair of sheos made by minitoes that I got from etsy. They are like robeez but not as tight around the ankle and fit better, my son had some that looked like addidas. Ok and my screen name at ravelry is Sinknitty. bye

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More Baby Stuff

I am crazy with the baby gear! I put the kimono together with a little hat and booties for one gift (and added a bib the night before). The pink bib is for another shower in November. It's the Mason Dixon bib -- and is it ever BORING to knit! But I think it'd make a great beginner project. I can't do squares anymore!