Sunday, September 9, 2007

Baby Kimono

I just finished a Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon. My first sweater (after 3 years of knitting!). I knit it in Peaches N Creme. I added the crochet edge for some contrast (it was boring in just blue!). I have a hard time with ribbons on a boy for the closure so I sewed in some Velcro and then added a nice little football button for decoration. I need to make another for another baby in November and I think I'll try stockinette rather than garter stitch. It was a quick and easy project if anyone is looking for one!

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Angela :o) said...

Wicked Cute!!!! I'll be at the library tomorrow...I'll have to check out M-D knitting.

Love the football detail. This would be so cute paired with Michelle's idea of NFL football colors.

With love,