Thursday, November 1, 2007


I just finished this stocking (in only 2 weeks!). It's actually the 3rd one I've made from this pattern (all the kids in the family are getting the same stocking). There are so many mistakes in this thing that I'm embarassed to publish the picture! But unless you look close, you can't tell. I actually skipped half a round on one of the checkerboard patterns!! It's a fun project -- I recommend it for anyone looking to learn fair isle/colorwork.

I'm on Ravelry now as well. I joined becuase "everyone else was doing it" but what an AWESOME website!


SinKnitty said...

OMG that is so cute! Where did you get the pattern? I've made my youngest one of those felt ones from the kit with all those sequins and 3d santa. I'm working on another for my oldest, then I'm next then my husband. I figure one a year is all I could stand. I bought all the kits back before I had ever knit a sock and knitting stockings seamed too scary but now I wish I had never bought the kits. The stockings are cute but my lord they take forever to make!

Camille said...

THe pattern is from "Knit Christmas Stockings!" -- the book shaped like a stocking.

Thanks! Yeah, I can handle about one a year. Unfortunately I have about 12 family members requesting them and then they all just keeping having more babies!!