Monday, February 18, 2008

Alligator Scarf

Just finished the Morehouse Farms Baby Alligator Scarf. It's going to a toddler so I switched out the 100% wool yarn for Lion Brand's Wool-Ease so it can be machine washed. I started on 6s for the head, but found it a bit tight so switched to 7s. Quick, easy and cute!

I'm not too thrilled with Morehouse Farms. You have to buy the kit to get the pattern (and I didn't use the yarn) and the only send the pattern for the kit you buy (child or adult). Now, I can figure out how to make it bigger, but give me a break. I wish they'd just print them both and send them. $17 for a pattern and yarn is a bit steep, if you ask me. I love their stuff and would've definitely done business with them again if I didn't feel like they were nickel and diming me.


Angela :o) said...

Very, VERY cute! I agree, 17 clams (Plus S/H)is pricy for a pattern/yarn.

Love, Angela

Smirnof30 said...

Hi there, I absolutely LOVE the alligator scarf that you knit. Do you know of any other place to purchase this pattern other then that one. See I live in Canada and by the time I buy the pattern and have it shipped it is way too much. Do you know if they can e-mail the pattern?
Anyway thanks in advance if you point me in the right direction and it really is a cute scarf!