Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dying to Knit ya!

Dying Pic 5

I did it I Finlay did it I dyed my own yarn! It was so fun! I call this colorway Peppermill after the restaurant on the strip! LOL! Gotta go make lunch.


Angela :o) said...

Adorable!!! You should have a "class" on it...I'd be willing to pay a fee for you to teach me.

Love, Ang

Camille said...

Cool! I agree -- I'd love to learn how. Did you use acid dye or something more natural? What yarn is it? Details!! :-)

Can't wait to see it knit up!

SinKnitty said...

ok sorry I didn't answer sooner I used regular food coloring. :) The liquid stuff from the grocery store. :) The colors turned out a little brighter than I had planned, but since then I have done another batch with a better quality yarn from knit picks and the colors I used set in darker and fuller. I'll post picks of my new set of dyed skeins. The second time around I used paste food coloring from the cake decorating section at Joanns. But I'm loving it and so I think I'm going to move on to some professional dyes. Yay!