Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vanna's Choice Yarn

Hey all! I happened to be in the vicinity of a Michael's today so I popped in hoping that they'd have the Vanna's Choice yarn. They did. I really liked the color selection and the yarn was softer than our old standby Red Heart. However, the newer Red Heart Soft Yarn has introduced some new colors that are very close to the Vanna's Choice colors but the RH Soft is softer and you get more yardage for your money. Vanna's Choice 170 yds @ $2.99 and RH Soft 256 yds @ $3.29. Just my opinion, mind you. Thanks, Camille, for letting us know where else to get Vanna's Choice!

While at Michael's I wanted to pick up a teddy bear to try on the little sweaters I've been knitting. I fell for the monkey instead. Here he is with a couple of the RH Soft colors I bought to make more sweaters.

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Camille said...

Nice choice on those colors! I love the brown/aqua and brown/pink combos!