Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Odds and Ends

So I've managed to get a few small projects done recently. Mostly easy, simple things because I've been on time crunches to get them finished!

I made these "Yellow Brick Road" booties for a baby shower. Quick and easy and they are still my favorite booties to knit and are always a crowd pleaser!

The Simple Baby Cap 2 from Itty Bitty Hats. First time I've actually added the topper to it. I'm not sure about the colors. My husband doesn't like them and my sister does (both non-knitters).

I'm working on Kimberly Chapman's caterpillar, but my daughter loves it and stole it away without a face, legs or antenna! I'm hoping to detail it while she sleeps this week and get a picture up!


SinKnitty said...

OMG the same things happened to me! I knit one the size the pattern calls for and finaly got it away from the kids to finish it off and then I doubled all the numbers ending up with a worm 4 times the size of the original and my son will not let me put a face or leggs or anything on it! Check out my blog www.sinknitty.com for pics of the finished baby one. :)

Angela :o) said...

I, personally, love the hat. I was thinking on making my littlebear a new hat...I'm thinking of using this idea and adding Michelle's crocheted curlies instead of felt.

And the booties are priceless! So adorable!

Love, Ang

Camille said...

Oh your caterpillar is cute! I was thinking of trying to do a bigger one as well. Funny how they love them so much!!

Camille said...

I've done a few with the corkscrews on the top as well, Ang. They are SO ADORABLE!! And fun to make as well!

MikKnits said...

Too cute! I happen to like the hat just the way you have it shown. Babies/kids love the extra embellishment.